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America's Number 1 Debt Collection Company

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It is our belief that all clients and debtors must be treated fairly, with courtesy and with the highest of professional standards.

Who We Are

Headquartered in Southern California, Taylor, Ricci & Associates is a commercial Collection Agency specializing in outstanding debt recovery.

Our collection specialists are experienced in recovering delinquent accounts in the shortest time possible. With Taylor, Ricci & Associates on your side you can once again gain the peace of mind you need to focus on your future business. Service, support and a higher than average rate of recovery are key factors in the success of our well established business. Taylor, Ricci & Associates’s rapid growth can be attributed to past client relationships and the hard work and dedication of many key employees. Matter fact most of our business is repeat business and that’s only possible because our impeccable track record.

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We are a commercial Collection Agency specializing in the bad debt recovery industry.

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Our Collection Specialists are experienced in recovering delinquent accounts in the shortest time possible.

Standard Collections

Our professional negotiating fashion results in faster than average results, and more importantly allows them to maintain an ongoing business relationship with the debtor.

Judgment Enforcement

Judgment creditors for the most part are forced to handle post-judgment recovery themselves. The courts provide little if any help with the complicated process of collecting money judgments. Our trained professionals are capable of handling most if not all the tedious work involved in judgment enforcement.

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Taylor, Ricci & Associates is committed to exhausting every possible method to retrieve your outstanding receivables. Therefore, if your debtor becomes difficult to track down or if we feel it is necessary to further explore the financial health of a company, our software will shed light on whereabouts and capability to pay.

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